Infor requires the use of Two Factor Authentication (TFA) for internal network access. Please follow the steps in the guide below prior to attempting to connect to VPN.

Two Factor Authentication Setup

Once the TFA setup process is complete, choose one of the regions below to gain access to the internal Infor network.

Americas : VPN-am
Europe : VPN-emea
Asia Pacific & Japan : VPN-apac
China : VPN-China

Note that the VPN methods provided via this site have been certified for use with all Windows and Apple operating systems. Infor discourages the use of VPN on non-Infor equipment. If you need to connect to VPN with a non-Infor provided piece of equipment, please ensure that your system is current with all appropriate system updates and that you have valid and current anti-virus protection on your system.

For more information regarding Remote Access, other tools and IT guidelines, please visit the IT Intranet homepage at:

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